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May, 2022

We will participate at the Bap! - The Biennale d'architecture et de Paysage in Versailles. The exhibition called Visible Invisible is curated by Nicolas Dorval-Bory & Guillaume Ramillien. Our installation 'Daily Camping' combine a set of new lights with an independent photovoltaic system installed as a temporary guest within the rooms of the Versailles. The Biennale is open from 14th of May to the 13th of July. For more information see the Bap! website.

April, 2022

We will give a lecture at Konstakademien in Stockholm, Thursday April 28th at 17.30. The lecture is organised by Stockholms Arkitektförening, it will also be streamed live online.

March, 2022
March, 2022

Together with 35 other practices we have donated our model from the Alternative Histories Exhibition. Please go to the Architecture Foundation for more information on how to make a bid in support of the New Architecture Writers.

February, 2022

Publication – Our project West Green Place, a nursery and community center in London, is featured in the February 2022 issue of Casabella #930.

October, 2021

Lecture - What we talk about when we talk about Architecture. Early morning lecture at University of Technology in Sydney part of the series 'The Contemporary is always over, maybe there's architecture after ambiguity...' Wednesday 28th of October.

October, 2021

Lecture - 'A House and its Ideal Neighbour' lecture at Melbourne School of Design, Tuesday 5th of October. Our house will be Building 2 from Klingelbeek and the ideal neighbour would be the Hopkins House by Michael and Patty Hopkins.

July, 2021
June, 2021

The Vinyl house is characterised by three key elements: The ‘Main House’ is defined by an efficient, compact, pre- fabricated wooden structure, optimised for short spans and minimal material use. The quality of this ground floor lies in its openness and immidiate relationship to the external landscape. The ‘Umbrella’, is a light-weight glass roof with integrated solar panels, and the ‘Outdoor Living Room’ is located between the main house and the ‘Umbrella’ roof, offering a special and surprising external room, used as extension of the living space - a stove, sun bed, barbecue, jacuzzi or conservatory for growing plants, use it however you want. The house is designed with the aim of using timber and recycled plastics and to achieve an Outstanding BREEAM rating.

May, 2021

Lecture - “Ambiguous Architecture & Inhabitable Structures”. Together with Alexander Fthenakis we will discuss our respective approach to teaching at the TU München and the Royal College of Art in London. We share a similar interest in ‘Universal Buildings’ - Architecture that is less defined by a pre-determined function, but rather with a potential to be appropriated for different uses and desires over time. The faculty of architecture at TU München Monday 31.05.21.

May, 2021

Lecture - We will give a lecture at Bergen Architecture School on the 5th of May. The focus will be on our collaboration with Antoine Espinasseau who has photographed our projects for over ten years now. Antoine recently put together a small book that we will base this lecture around, hopefully the pictures can help to reflect on the desires and intentions that has driven our practice.

March, 2021

Building with granite and off the grid – Casa Montaria, Portugal

January, 2021

Once a Virtual Reality model, now reality. The villa is on site, expected completion end of 2021.

October, 2020
September, 2020

Lecture – 'A bedroom is a room with a bed’ – a sentence, written by George Perec, that is close to our hearts. Departing from this idea, Chris and Max will give a lecture at Syracuse University in London about the building and its guests.

July, 2020

Publication – Our research into Virtual Reality as a tool for the design of Villa Ruba is forming part of the book and exhibition ‘The Architecture Machine’. Architekturmuseum der TUM. Book launch at Pinakothek der Moderne, Munich, October 14, 2020.

July, 2020

Publication – 'Camping in a High-Rise' MA architecture course at the Royal College of Art. Together with our students we explored the contrast between the mass and permanence of buildings and the temporary, light-weight and ad-hoc notion of camping. For more joy, please explore our students' work at the RCA Virtual Show.

May, 2020

Opening – The foyer of the Museum für Moderne Kunst MMK in Frankfurt opened – a project we designed together with Zak Group.

May, 2020

Construction – Buildings 'Seven' and 'Eight' in Klingelbeek, Arnhem are now under construction, with final completion in summer 2021. Both apartment buildings are part a group of eight residential buildings placed in the park of Villa Klingelbeek.

December, 2019

We have contributed a text to Carnets - 'Architecture is just a Pretext'. Carnets is a collection of personal fragments from the contemporary European Architecture scene. Out now in bookstores or from Anteferma.

November, 2019

We are working on the Exhibition Design for the inaugural edition of Sharjah Architecture Triennial, curated by Adrian Lahoud with the theme of 'Rights of Future Generations'. For more information about venues, participants, events see the website.

September, 2019

Alternative Histories exhibition and book launch at CIVA in Brussel. Co-curated by Jantje Engels and Marius Grootveld in collaboration with Drawing Matter and the Architecture Foundation, London. Book design by Mathias Clottu. For more information about the project and it's participants see Drawing Matter

July, 2019

We recently ran a workshop at the Porto Academy titled 'Building Buildings'. Other workshop leaders include MOS (US), Frida Escobedo (Mexico), Scheidegger Keller (Switzerland), Nicolas Dorval-Bory (France), Raamwerk (Belgium), Lopez Rivera (Spain), OMMX (UK), Johansen Skovsted (Denmark), Arrhov Frick (Sweden), Fala Atelier (Portugal) and Atelier Bouça (Portugal).

June, 2019

The large canopy has now been installed at West Green Place. The nursery can use this large covered exterior space for play during warm or rainy days. We will need to wait for another year until the overall masterplan is finished and the other landscape works are complete.

June, 2019

Morten Andenæs "I remind me of you" opened on the 6th of June. We have designed a table and a room for the exhibition at Kunstnernes Hus. The show is open until the 4th of August.

May, 2019

We received 5th place for our proposal for a new health centre in Consell, Mallorca. The project was developed in collaboration with Palma Oficina and Neus Frontera.

May, 2019

We will participate in a double lecture / dialogue with Raamwerk in Brussel on the 6th of May. The initiative is initiated by AgwA and supported by University KULeuven and ULiège.

April, 2019

Dyvik Kahlen has opened its second office in Porto! We share the office with Architecture Matters at Av. Combatentes da Grande Guerra, 307 2º, 4200-189 Porto, Portugal

March, 2019

We will give a lecture together with our friends OMMX and Adam Nathaniel Furman at Arkitektenes Hus (NAL) in Oslo, Thursday 7th of March. Oslo Arkitekt Forening

November, 2018

Together with Buero Kofink Schels Architekten, Munich we have won 3rd price in the IBA-Thüringen-competition "Multitalent gesucht". The proposal was developed together with Treibhaus Landschaftsarchitektur, Hamburg and Bauart Consulting Engineers, Munich. The project sought new ways to renew the classical Plattenbau Typology and will form part of the International Building Exhibition (IBA) in Thuringia.

November, 2018

We designed the current exhibition for 'The Most Beautiful Swiss Books'. It will be open from 8th November to the 6th December at Umlaut Space, 53 Fashion Street, London. Art Direction by Mathias Clottu, build by William Floyd Maclean.

November, 2018

We will give a lecture titled 'Naive Pragmatism' at the Syracuse University in London, November 5th

October, 2018

We will be workshop leaders at the Porto Academy 2019 alongside OMMX, MOS, Johansen Skovsted, Raamwerk, Atelier da Bouca, Scheidegger Keller, Lopez Rivera, Nicolas Dorval-Bory and Fida Escobedo. (Image of Architecture Faculty buildings in Porto by Alvaro Siza, Image by Mimmo Jodice)

October, 2018

Sunday the 7th of November we will participate in a day long symposium exploring the classical influence on contemporary architectural culture. For more information see The Architecture Foundation website.

September, 2018

This year we will be inspired in equal measures by Le Corbusier and Twins, large scale tectonic models and Virtual Reality. For more information see ADS5 at the Royal College of Art.

August, 2018
July, 2018

Demolition and excavations has started on the site for the Courtyard Houses in Duisburg, Germany.

July, 2018

We have contributed a video to the exhibition 'Building Stories' about the work of De Vylder Vink Taillieu, Maio and Rocardo Bak Gordon. The exhibition is curated by Brandão Costa Lima and is open until the 14th of October at the Centro Cultural de Belém in Lisbon.

July, 2018

We are part of the second instalment of the publication 'What’s In The Making'. The article focus on Villa R, and the use of Virtual Reality as a design tool. The grey perspectives, taken at 1.6m eye-level from within the digital model, embrace the literal, spatial desire from the VR. To purchase the book, go to otherwhere.nl

June, 2018

Our students at The Royal College of Art are showcasing their graduate projects at The Workshop. The exhibition is open from the 21st to 28th of June. Dyvik Kahlen designed the exhibition in collaboration with the RCA and graphic designer Mathias Clottu.

May, 2018

As part of a program of talks called ‘The Mirror Series’, organised by Campo at Betts Project in London, Max will present ‘Twins, Mirrors, Columns, Pillars’ – four ideas about an object and its space, juxtaposed and presented in alternating order, two from Antoine Espinasseau and two from Dyvik Kahlen.
The event will take place on Friday 1st of June 2018, 7-9 pm
Betts Project, 100 Central Street London EC1V 8AJ 
Find more info here

May, 2018

The Cross Laminated Timber structure has arrived on site at West Green Place.

May, 2018

Opening night for 'Teeth' at the Wellcome Collection. The exhibition is open to 18th of September.

May, 2018

As part of Craft Week, we have designed an exhibition at The National Trust Sutton House for London College of Fashion. 'Footnotes: Intimate Stories of Shoes' is open during the summer. The show is curated by Alison Moloney with archive co-curation by Amy de la Haye, graphic design by ÅBÄKE

May, 2018

'Columns, Twins and other things' at the Le Bourg concert hall and bar in Lausanne, 7th of May. Part of the 'Corridor' lecture series.

April, 2018

Max will give a lecture and participate in 'El Simposio Internacional: De la Villa a la Celula' at Universidad Católica in Santiago, Chile. Friday 20th of April, 18.00

March, 2018

We have designed the exhibition 'Hope to Nope' at the design Museum which explore how graphic design and technology have played a pivotal role in dictating and reacting to the major political moments of our times. For more information please visit the Design Museum.

March, 2018

We have been working together with Arket (H&M group) on the design of their shop facades. The concept includes a set of elements that can adapt to different locations as they continue to roll out the new shops throughout Europe. The first shop has now opened in Stratford, East London. Arket Website

February, 2018

Max Kahlen will give a lecture at The RCA as part of the Inside / Out lecture series. 27.02.2018 at 18.30, Darwin Lecture Hall.

February, 2018

In collaboration with Buro Harro Landscape Architects we have been working on Landgoed Klingelbeek, a large residential development in Arnheim, Holland. The project was officially launched this week Klingelbeek

February, 2018

The exhibition 'Hope to Nope' will present the most poignant political graphic iconography from the past decade, created in the wakes of events such as the Charlie Hebdo attacks, Brexit, and Donald Trump's presidency. For more information about the exhibition, please go to the press release at Dezeen. The exhibition will open at The Design Museum from the 28th of March, and run until the 12th of August. The show is co-curated by the Design Museum's Margaret Cubbage and GraphicDesign&'s Lucienne Roberts and David Shaw, with Rebecca Wright. Exhibition design is by Dyvik Kahlen.

January, 2018

The Work-In-Progress show with our students from ADS5 is open from Thursday 19th to Sunday 21st of January at the Royal College of Art. The work on display is a collection of different ideas and observations driven by an intuitive process that explores domesticity and form.

November, 2017

'A relentlessly provocative show'... open until 11th of March at The Royal Academy of Arts. Graphic Design by Kellenberger White, Exhibition Design by Dyvik Kahlen.

November, 2017

We have contributed with an essay called 'Postcards from London' in the new Hiatus book published by Birkhauser. The book is a collection of essays, reportages and interviews from several European Architects about different models for the multifunctional densification of cities. Please follow link to Birkhäuser

October, 2017

We will be teaching a MA course at the Royal College of Art starting this Autumn. During the year we will explore topics such as Domesticity, the Countryside and Virtual Reality. For more information go to RCA ADS5. Credit: Hunstanton School by Peter and Alison Smithson, 1954

September, 2017

We have been appointed for the Exhibition Design of 'From Life' at The Royal Academy. The exhibition will look at the past, present and future of one of the cornerstones of the artistic process; life drawing. Image credit: Chantal Joffe, Self-Portrait in the Garden at Night V, 2016. Pastel on paper, 47.6 x 37.8 x 3.8 cm © Chantal Joffe, courtesy the artist and Victoria Miro, London

August, 2017

We will give a lecture together with our friends from Gafpa Architects at the World Trade Centre in Brussels, 31.08.17.

May, 2017

This summer we will be teaching at the summer school ‘Real Estate Architecture #2, Reclaiming the Office Building’. Based in Brussel at the World Trade Center, the group workshop is open to 40 participants, who will collaborate in teams under the guidance of tutors including Piovenefabi, Gafpa, Something Fantastic and Dyvik Kahlen. For more information about the workshop and how to apply

March, 2017

Kingston University has recently published a podcast of our interview with Andrew Clancy, Head of Design at the Department of Architecture & Landscape. You can download the podcast from iTunes. In the interview we discuss our education, and how we came to establish our practice. 'In particular we discussed the role of representation in our work - as this is not deployed as a presentation technique alone, but as a way to tune and develop our work'

February, 2017

We are delighted to be shortlisted for the 'Young Architect of the Year Award'. The winner will be announced at the Architect of the Year Awards 2017 ceremony on 8th March.

January, 2017

The work by Dyvik Kahlen is shown in 'A Minor Architecture', opening in Espacio Valverde Madrid on 18.01.2017. The exhibition shows fragments of the work from a select group of European offices founded in the first decade of the twenty-first century; offices in which small private commissions—generally understood as “minor commissions”— have been relevant for the articulation of their own independent voice within contemporary architectural discourses. For more information, please visit Gallery Espacio Valverde

November, 2016

Together with DRDH Architects we have been selected by Statsbygg to participate in the competition for the extension of The Centre for Studies of the Holocaust and Religious Minorities in Oslo, Norway. The other six participants are: ALA Architects, Carl Viggo Hølmebakk, Jarmund/Vigsnæs, Jensen og Skodvin, Snøhetta and Transborder Studio.

November, 2016

We are giving a lecture at Kingston University at 16th of November titled 'a model, a sketch, a collage, a photograph and a drawing'. We will present five projects each with a different form of representation to speculate and reflect on how it’s used as a tool during our design process.

November, 2016

We have been interviewed by Flavien Menu for the new Frog Magazine #16. The interview is accompanied by a photo essay of the Raboes Harbour Building, with images by Antoine Espinasseau.
To order the magazine follow link.

October, 2016

We have designed a traveling exhibition cabinet for London College of Fashion. The cabinet has toured predominantly in the boroughs of East London where the topic of fashion has been used to engage with new audiences in the community. Cabinet Stories will now be open to the public for the first time at Emmaus Greenwich, Poplar shop. At Emmaus all the exhibitions will be on display at the same time, accompanied by a free workshop programme.

October, 2016

Our proposal for a public intervention, or rather anti-intervention is on show at the Lisbon Architecture Triannale. Together with Chilean office Plan Comun, we proposed a strategy of creating ‘Cut Outs’ Islands scattered throughout the city where asphalt or hard surfaces are removed to reveal new green public spaces. Other participants include Bruno Canepa, Marcelo Cox, Hamed Khosravi, Ciro Miguel, NP2F, Tsubame Lavina Scaletti, Tiego Torres Campos and UMWELT.

September, 2016

Dyvik Kahlen has designed a new office space for graphic design practice Fraser Muggeridge studio in London.

September, 2016

The interior of the cupcake factory –our second project under a viaduct– is about to be completed. The opening will be in October.

September, 2016

We have won a competition to design the new Westgreen Place Nursery and Community Centre for Pocket and Haringey Council. To see the article in Architects Journal and the other shortlisted submissions please follow link.

July, 2016

We have opened a new service building and public space for t’Raboes harbour in Eemnes, Holland.
The building incorporates a workshop, office for the harbour master, public facilities and a large covered external patio. A 300 m² translucent photo-voltaic roof, generates enough energy for the building and other facilities in the harbour.

June, 2016

The V&A Engineering Season opened with the first major retrospective of Ove Arup, the most influential engineer of the 20th century. Presented through Ove's collaborations with lead architects including Berthold Lubetkin's Penguin Pool at London Zoo, as well as Jørn Utzon's Sydney Opera House and the Centre Pompidou in Paris by Richard Rogers and Renzo Piano.
Set in the Porter Gallery, V&A’s testing ground for exhibition design, together with Zak Group we have created an immersive installation inspired by Arup’s archive images of engineering labs, used as a stage for experimentation and creative thinking. The result is an atmosphere which is more evocative of a design ‘lab’ than a gallery space.

June, 2016

We are proud to be included in the ‘New Architects 3’ book. A definitive survey of the best British architects to have set up practice in the ten years since 2005. It’s the third book in the Architecture Foundation's highly influential series, it features close to 100 practices, selected by a jury of leading critics and curators.

For more information, please visit The Architecture Foundation

April, 2016

Our second building within the St. James Lane Viaduct is now under construction. The bakery will start delivering cupcakes from July onwards.

January, 2016

Dyvik Kahlen Architects, in collaboration with landscape architect Buro Harro, have successfully presented to the neighbourhood of Klingelbeek a proposal for a new urban plan composed of apartments, one-family houses, working spaces and recreational areas. Landgoed Klingelbeek is a 2.2 hectares landscape located along the Rhine in Arnhem.

January, 2016

We have collaborated with Fraser Muggerdige studio and artist Jeremy Deller on the design of an ‘Utopian Treasury’, located in Somerset House’s Embankment entrance. Throughout the year it will host a rolling programme of talks, debates, workshops, film screenings and salons, as well as a library full of ‘Utopia’- themed literature. Please visit the UTOPIA 2016 website for events schedule. More info here

December, 2015

We have submitted planning for a new service building and public space for t’Raboes harbour in Eemnes, Holland. The construction is scheduled for the beginning of 2016.

May, 2015

We are working on a light-industrial park on the outskirts of Amersfoort, Holland. The proposed zero energy units will sit within a landscaped garden and water reservoir.

April, 2015

We will lead a tour of the gallery to give insight in the design process and explore the relationship’s between the artist’s collections, artwork and the exhibition design. Each collection tells a different story and the unconventional use of furniture, antiques and domestic references add to a fascinating portray of the artist’s everyday life.

Barbican Art Gallery @ 19.00
Thursday 16th of April
For tickets see website

March, 2015

We will give a talk about the Small House at the Architectuurcafé in Amersfoort together with Bart Schoonderbeek from Schipper Bosch. Heijmans will talk about their moveable home : Heijmans ONE and students from TU Delft will present the micro compact home of Richard Horden. More information can be found at the FASadE website

Architectuurcafé @ 20pm
Wednesday the 4th of March
de Nieuwe Stad, Amersfoort

March, 2015

The ‘Twin Arch Studios’ are about to be completed. An extremely economical approach to the design and construction have made it possible to build a new building for less than £450/m2. Using off the shelf materials, we focused on the essential elements that give a project architectural quality : spacious, practical and well insulated with double aspect views and lot’s of natural light. Basically, as large, cheap and flexible as possible.

February, 2015

We have been commissioned to design a new build cupcake factory in Muswell Hill. The factory will be the next door neighbour to our Twin Artist Studios.

February, 2015

Magnificent Obsessions : The Artist as Collector will open on the 12th of February. Designed together with curator Lydia Yee, the exhibition will explore personal collections and obsessions of post-war and contemporary artist. The objects will be presented as found, alongside key examples of the artists own work.

Magnificent Obsessions: The Artist as Collector
12 February 2015 - 25 May 2015
Barbican Art Gallery, London

December, 2014

Walls and roof have been erected and the penthouse is ready for winter. The project will be finished beginning 2015.

November, 2014

As part of the ‘Whats Next’ series at the Architectural Association, we will give a lecture to present 6 recent projects.

9.12.2014 @ 18pm
Lecture Hall
Architectural Association
36 Bedford Square
London WC1B 3ES

More info at AA Public Program Website

November, 2014

AA Membership is hosting a Gallery Talk on Saturday 15 November for the exhibition All Purpose (À toutes fins utiles) in the AA Gallery. Curator Cédric Libert will be in conversation with Alice Grégoire (OMA/AMO), Paul Cournet (OMA/AMO) and Max Kahlen (Dyvik Kahlen Architects).

15.11.2014 @ 11–12.30am
Architectural Association
36 Bedford Square
London WC1B 3ES

More info at AA Public Program Website

November, 2014

Work has started on site in Cologne. The contractor is assembling the steel structure, awaiting the arrival of the pre-fabricated timber building in early November.

October, 2014

We have been commissioned to work on the exhibition design for the next Barbican show: Magnificent Obsessions: The Artist as Collector. It will be the first major exhibition in the UK to present the fascinating personal collections of post-war and contemporary artists. For more information see the Barbican website.

September, 2014

More than 900 people; young, old, short and tall came to visit our Small House and made the weekend a huge success.

August, 2014

London’s smallest house will take part in the Open House Festival from 20-21st of September. If you’re interested to see the project, please pop by. We are open Saturday and Sunday from 10-5. For more information, see the Open House Website.

August, 2014

Refurbishment works have started for the bookshop in Whitechapel Gallery. Opening of the new bookshop will coincide with the start of the London Art Book Fair, Thursday 25th of September.

June, 2014

Our Small House and Arch Studio are published in the june issue of L’Architecture d’Aujourd’hui , as part of the ‘New Generations / Jeunes Generations issue. Images by Antoine Espinasseau and text by Flavien Menu.

June, 2014

From the 4th to the 6th of june 2014, we will exhibit our proposal for eleven terraced houses in Amersfoort, at the AIRBNB Pavilion in Venice. The exhibition uses ARIBNB as a paradigm to explore contemporary forms of domesticity. Projects by Pascal Flammert, Etienne Descloux, GRAU / 51N4E, Sergison Bates Architects, OMMX, Florian Beigel & Philip Christou, Christ & Gantenbein Architekten, David Kohn, etc. will also be on show.

June, 2014

Images of the newly designed bookstands for the AA Print Studio.

May, 2014

Fridericianum opened its doors in 1779 as the world’s very first purpose-built public museum. Since 1955 the building became the focus of the documenta exhibition, and has been a central hub for contemporary art ever since. We have been part of the recent refurbishment of the entrance hall, in collaboration with Zak Group. The project incorporates a reception, cafe, auditorium and a Walther König bookshop.

March, 2014

The bedroom walls have been clad in a Douglas Fir Ply, ready for a whitewash. We are nearing the final week of construction.

March, 2014

The refurbishment of the apartment in Oslo is nearing completion. The kitchen has been installed and the fitted furniture is being built. We are working with Blåverk Snekkeri, our in house carpentry workshop for the first time. More pictures will follow soon.

March, 2014

‘Making Elephants’
First year students at the Architectural Association presenting their final proposals for a Viaduct in London. No program was given and no problem to solve except connecting one point with another. The proposals – some extremely light, dead heavy, slow or fast, some very prominent others blend with their context, some feel like elephants and some like giraffes. Like mute commuters the structures cut through the city without interfering. There is no interior – pure exterior. (Image by Susanna Steuerman-Kinston, AA First Year)

February, 2014

We have received planning for the rooftop extension in Cologne. Construction planned for the summer of 2014.

January, 2014

Work has started on site for the Live/Work warehouse conversion. The ceiling has just been covered in spray foam winter wonderland.

January, 2014

Our infinity box has been installed at CCS showing work by Zak Group for Close, Closer : Lisbon Architecture Triennale, 2013.

December, 2013

Zak Group has asked us to collaborate on the design for the reception and bookshop at Museum Fridericianum, Kassel.

November, 2013

New site and new project. A studio for a stage designer in Highgate, London.

September, 2013

We are working on the design and development of two residential buildings on Ludwigsallee, Aachen.

August, 2013

Design for an extension in Brockley, London is about to start.

July, 2013

Completion of the Coach House end of July.

July, 2013

Work has started for the refurbishment of a beautiful old apartment at Gimle, Oslo. Construction planned to be finished early 2014.

June, 2013

The prefabricated elements arrive on site. The whole house is installed within one week by Anton, Remmelt and Ton.

May, 2013

Planning and Conservation Area Consent received for the rooftop extension in Dalston, London.

May, 2013

First year students presenting their final projects at the Architectural Association. The topic of this term was 'A Second Life'. In groups, the students developed ideas to transform and re-use self-storage buildings (designed in the previous term by other students) into a series of apartments.

April, 2013

Things are moving forward with Marius's flat in Oslo. Finally work start on site.

March, 2013

The Small House being fabricated 1:1 in Holland by Schipper Bosch and Timmerwerkplats. We go on regular site visits while it's being built, this allows us to design and modify all the elements during construction to make sure that it will be perfect on arrival.

March, 2013

Coach House on site.

December, 2012

Design proposal developed together with Augustus Brown Architects for a portable 1920's gentleman's bar. Designed to be disassembled for easy transport to different events.

September, 2012

Combination of prototypes for the Biennale. Black MDF table and stool.

June, 2012

Design of poster and book cover for the Projects Review 2011/12 at the Architectural Association.