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Aluminium Bench
Bay Lamp

Bay Lamp is the first object of our 'Daily Camping' series of ready-mades assembled in a limited quantity in our workshop in Porto, Portugal. For more information and how to purchase click here.

Mobile Bookshelf and Bench MMK
Bookshelf Kassel
Column Light
Daily Camping

We are interested in the relationship between buildings and their services – or you could say: between the building and its guests. While architecture is a slow discipline and buildings should be made to last for a long time, services follow a different trajectory. They facilitate our desires for comfort and are subject to technological progress. Our understanding of comfort shifts while systems that provide electricity, temperate environments and safety are subject to constant development. The more independent this infrastructure is from the architecture, the more flexible the buildings, and the more resourceful we could be as our lives change and we, as guests, move from building to building.
Therefore, in order for architecture to preserve its integrity and remain resilient our buildings need to be defined less by functions but rather its materiality, beauty and a certain generosity that allows them to be appropriated, loved and re-used over time.

Judd Table
Kitchen Table
Magazine Stand Kassel
Raised Floor Bench
Sharjah Bench
Short Table
Rui de Pina Sofá
Sharjah Stool
Tall Table