165, 'Daily Camping' at Galeria Nuno Centeno

Daily Camping is a series of lights and furniture that we designed and built over the past years, each developed for a particular project, but now taken out of context to inhabit the gallery spaces of Galeria Nuno Centeno, Porto. The exhibition is on show until December 31st 2022.

A series of events and dinners called Residence Rendez-vous are organised –in collaboration with Sam Club, Amélia Brandão Costa, Rodrigo da Costa Lima– throughout the duration of the exhibition to make use of the lights and furniture to transform and fill the gallery spaces with life.

All lamps and furniture on display are hand-made to order, if you like to purchase the objects contact Dyvik Kahlen.

During normal opening hours the lamps and furniture inhabit one of the cozy gallery spaces.

After opening hours, the gallery lights are turned off and the lamps and furniture inhabit all gallery spaces, to host a series of dinners and events.

  • Location: Porto
  • Completion: 2022
  • For: Gallery Nuno Centeno
  • Size: 57 m²
  • Lamps & Furniture: Dyvik Kahlen
  • Concept: Dyvik Kahlen, Architecture Matters
  • Team: Francisco Pereira, Léopold Castin, Leonor Texeira Dias, Gabi Meszaros and Remy Crettenand
  • Curation / Residence Rendez-vous: Amélia Brandão Costa, Rodrigo da Costa Lima
  • Graphic Design: Zak Group
  • Sponsored by: Panoramah
  • Photography: Antoine Espinasseau