Exhibition Pavilion, London, 2011

The pavilion is experienced as a sequence of spaces of different character, consisting of an entrance area, an exhibition loop and a courtyard. As a simple monolithic volume, the building is characterised by it’s plain facade, protecting a perfect interior world. Like a passe-partout the open courtyard frames the landscape of the site.

Reclaiming a private space, the London Pavilion creates an oasis for social relaxation. Inside the building, visitors will discover an exhibition about London before reaching a hidden courtyard.

The proposed pavilion, located on the Thames river front, invites visitors to re-interpret public space and their surroundings, proposing a lively centre in which to celebrate London, strengthening the connection between the city, the gallery and it’s visitors.

  • Location: London
  • Completion: 2011
  • For: Private
  • Size: 427 m²