021, Gallery Gerhardsen Gerner

The Oslo outpost for contemporary art gallery Gerhardsen Gerner. For the new space we proposed to replicate the proportions of their original Berlin ‘white cube’, ideal for the type of work the gallery presents.

The context of the space the gallery acquired in Oslo, with a fan-shaped plan and a long, oblique glass facade, was not naturally suited for the white cube typology of four white walls and the perfect lighting. This discrepancy forms the basis for our proposal: a long straight wall forms a corridor along the oblique facade, creating an exhibition space that is visible from the street and doubles as entrance ‘foyer’. Two openings lead into the main exhibition space behind the wall, a perfect white cube. In the residual spaces behind the ends of the large wall are the reception, archives and private rooms.

For the gallery's archives we designed a storage system made of scaffolding tubes and felt.

  • Location: Oslo
  • Completion: 2012
  • For: Gerhardsen Gerner
  • Size: 118 m²