104, 'Hope to Nope' exhibition for Design Museum

The exhibition 'Hope to Nope' presents political graphic iconography from the past decade, created in the wakes of events such as the Charlie Hebdo attacks, Brexit, and Donald Trump's presidency. It is designed to subvert the space of the gallery and takes it’s cue from the ‘organised chaos’ that characterises the urban spaces in which most of the action on show takes place, luring the viewer away from the museum context into a more dynamic, familiar yet unpredictable environment.

Eight ‘fake columns’ replicate the existing pair of columns in the space and a large ‘hoarding wall’ awkwardly divides the gallery in two across a diagonal axis. A new order takes hold and contradicts itself at the same time, defining the various sections in an inconspicuous way. Viewers are guided from one section to the next in a free flowing manner, slowly revealing the distinct character of the three thematic sections.

  • Location: London
  • Completion: 2018
  • For: Design Museum
  • Size: 385 m²
  • Collaborators: GraphicDesign&
  • Team: Ivana Cobejova, Isabel Pietri
  • Photography: Antoine Espinasseau