048, Penthouse Cologne

In order to accommodate the client’s growing family, a new penthouse and rooftop terrace extend the original 1960s building with an additional 97 m² of living space.

A spiral staircase connects the existing apartment with new upper storey, arriving at a central living room with full height openings towards a south facing terrace. Four doors, one in each corner, lead to three bedrooms and a bathroom. Opening up all doors will allow the kids to continuously run in circles along the perimeter walls, and create long views from room to room to room.

The penthouse extension draws from the aesthetics and materiality of the existing building, providing visual continuity externally while developing it’s own spatial logic internally.

  • Location: Cologne
  • Completion: 2013
  • For: Private
  • Size: 97 m²
  • Photography: Antoine Espinasseau