001, Garden Villa

The Garden Villa is located in the midst of a secluded garden plot. Internally, the plan is structured around a modular grid, dividing each floor into five identical rooms. The succession of windows and internal doors, always positioned centrally along each wall, provide long views across the entire house.

Living rooms and kitchen are located on the upper floor in proximity to the roof terrace. Here, the elimination of dedicated circulation space creates surprising spatial relationships between the rooms. An external staircase on each side gives direct access to the kitchen, functions as small balcony and draws a relation to the landscape. The roof terrace becomes the main outdoor space with views across the surrounding valley.

Bedrooms and private rooms are located on the ground floor and open up to the secluded garden that is overgrown with lush plants. In contrast to the roof terrace, that is used by the whole family, the garden is kept wild and mainly unused, giving privacy to the bedrooms.

  • Location: Aachen
  • Completion: 2015
  • For: MM Projekte
  • Size: 226 m²