106, 'Graduate Show 2018' exhibition for RCA

Exhibition design for the Royal College of Art Architecture Show in 2018. The exhibition is organised by a series of 8 equal sized rooms designed to maximise the wall area available within the given budget. The exhibition runs continously across all rooms, where there’s no beginning nor end. By having each student’s work being displayed on a uniform set of exhibition elements, the focus remains on the work itself rather than the distinction between the different architectural studios. This allows for new dialogues to occur and a reflection on the body of work from the school as a whole.

The structure is made out of pre-fabricated timber sections clad in untreated plasterboard that was recycled once the show was over. Bespoke lights were made out of LED strips fixed to 9m long flat aluminium bars. A greenhouse fabric was used to create a ceiling within two of the rooms, one to allow for projections to house lectures and events, the other to create a more intimate setting for the bar. A set of additional furnitures was designed for the bar, stage and various public seating areas that were scattered within the exhibition spaces.

  • Location: London
  • Completion: 2018
  • For: Royal College of Art
  • Size: 768 m²
  • Collaborators: Beth Hughes, Adrian Lahoud
  • Contractor: William Floyd Maclean
  • Graphic Design: Mathias Clottu
  • Photography: Antoine Epinasseau