057, Atelier for two artists

Two new build artist studios located below the St. James Lane Viaduct in Muswell Hill. The rational plan is made of two identical spaces mirrored in two axes to form twin facades, one faces the client’s private house and garden behind the viaduct, while the other offers views onto the London skyline.

The way both studio spaces are arranged and mirrored, allows a continuous circulation and forms a relationship between to each other. Both rooms are arranged like ‘twins’ and evoke a sense of repetition. One is facing the clients garden with a clear window, the other with a translucent window facing north, creating the perfect light condition for a painting studio. Walking back and forward between both studios suggests a comparison and reveals their particular nuances, light condition and character.

Built using off the shelf materials to a cost of less than £420 per m², the approach could be described as industrial vernacular. Using existing products and common technical solutions, we focused on the essential elements that give a project architectural quality: spacious, practical and well insulated spaces with dual aspect views and maximum natural light.

  • Location: Muswell Hill
  • Completion: 2015
  • Size: 78 m²
  • Team: Daniel Eguren
  • Photography: Antoine Espinasseau