081, Photography Gallery for V&A

The design proposal for the new Photography Galleries at the V&A celebrates the inherent spatial quality of the Grade II listed picture galleries. The galleries are enhanced and preserved, revealing the original spatial qualities of each room as the backdrop for the exhibitions. Further, display furniture inhabit the rooms who's materiality and detailing reference the sophisticated precision of the camera as an object.

A variety of zones are loosely defined through the use of flexible exhibition display furniture in an intervention of minimal impact on the fabric of the building. These different zones provide the framework for the curatorial selection of exhibition material of various scales and requirements.

In order to provide the highest degree of flexibility to the curatorial team, we propose a family of exhibition display and furniture elements that can function individually or grouped together as required.

The materiality has been informed by the material palette of a classic photographic camera, using carefully detailed brushed steel, leather, glass and timber in their composition. Precise engineering, with a touch of warmth. The toolkit includes a freestanding vitrine, vitrine tables, freestanding walls and wall mounted interactive screens and light-boxes, as well as seating.

  • Location: London
  • Completion: 2016
  • For: Victoria and Albert Museum
  • Size: 505 m²
  • Collaborators: Zak Group