015, Workshop Studio

The Studio House project began in 2011 as a concept study for the conversion of a townhouse into four apartments and a 110 m² workshop building, located in the backyard, into a live/work space for an artist.

Located in the centre of Aachen, the proposal seeks to minimise any changes to the existing building fabric. In the workshop building a series of glazed walls and curtains are introduced as subtle means for defining spaces whilst retaining the industrial, open plan nature of the existing building.

The ground floor of the townhouse is connected to a long and narrow extension. Together they form a sequence of five rooms creating a one-bedroom apartment, accessed through a small patio from the backyard. The remaining apartments are located on the first, second and third floor.

  • Location: Aachen
  • Completion: 2011
  • For: Private
  • Size: 659 m²